A few days before Passover, Fernanda, a young Mexican woman, is hired by a Brooklyn cleaning agency to work in the local Jewish Hasidic community. Despite a prolonged wait for her payment, Fernanda continues to faithfully show up for work each day at Nechama’s house. An unexpected connection between the two leads to a fight for justice against the cleaning agency at fault, bridging the gaps between their very different worlds.

The story behind Division Ave is inspired by true events happening to this day on the corner of Division & Marcy Ave in Brooklyn, NY. This modern day slave labor started decades ago in the early 1990’s, in a different Williamsburg location. It is common practice for individuals and companies to frequent Division & Marcy early in the morning and hire a cleaning lady for the day. The women, mostly immigrants from Latin America and Eastern Europe, are often underpaid and/or sexually abused.

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Music Personnel

Nadav Remez – composer, guitar
Steve Brickman – clarinet
Simone Baron – accordion
Nelson Moneo – violin
Sabina Torosjan – violin
Aimee Niemann – violin
Kate Barmotina – viola
Laura Melnicoff – cello
Scott Colberg – bass
Daniel Dor – drums

String orchestrations by Michael Thomas
Mixed by Avri Borochov
Drums recorded by Baba Buerger