Fishes – Fishes In Space

Independent (2019)

Nadav Remez – guitar
Steve Brickman – keyboards, synth bass
Daniel Dor – drums

Fishes was formed in early 2017 in the Ten Eyck music creating space in East Williamsburg, New York. Collaborating on each other’s tunes created a unique sound that very soon started to attract listeners to some of the city’s best venues. Their genre is elusive, and can be described as a mix of indie, rock, 80s, jam band and prog.

Fishes’ debut album ‘Fishes In Space’ was released October 11th, 2019.


  1. Metallic Mobility (Brickman)
  2. Help Is On The Way (Dor)
  3. Avator (Brickman)
  4. The Miracle Of Methuselah (Remez/Dor)
  5. Anthem Of The Hyacinth (Gvili, arr. Remez)
Recorded by Vishal Nayak at Black Lodge Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Mixed by Jacob Bergson at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Mastered by Alex DeTurk at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Cover art by Dixon Jong @ Intuitive Designs.
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