New Single Out – Metallic Mobility

Metallic Mobility – the first single from Fishes In Space (the debut album by Nadav’s co-led project Fishes) was released September 20th, 2019 and is now streaming everywhere.

Listen to Metallic Mobility:

Read the single’s press release:

“Metallic Mobility,” the first single off of Fishes’ debut album Fishes in Space, feels like stepping out of a spaceship into the rush of the utter unknown. Steve Brickman’s synth vibes reach out like infinite rays of light while guitarist Nadav Remez lays down the heroic chords that fortify your journey and Daniel Dor ramps you up with his fast-paced, mercurial drum lines. A melding of prog, 80s electronica, and indie rock, “Metallic Mobility” is an epic journey through the world of Fishes, where you can find yourself untethered, hurtling through the tear of time and space, gulping for air, improvising your way through an exploration of the undiscovered and unexplained. “It’s giving someone strength when they’re feeling lost,” Brickman says. “It’s a hero’s anthem.”

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