“An unassuming artist with a penchant for indie rock, he is forging a style built on understatement, logic and clarity.”

“catching the crowd’s ear with his own consistently seductive lines, Remez showed why he has emerged as a standout among a new crop of Israelis making waves in the jazz world.”

– Philip Lutz, The Jewish Daily Forward

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“A Thoughtful composer and accomplished player, Israeli-born guitarist Nadav Remez has fashioned an auspicious debut of poignant melodies, rich harmonies and stirring improvisations that ring out with clarity and emotion… ”

“Moving, meaningful music by an emerging talent.”

– Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

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“Remez is not only an extremely inventive guitarist who plays with warmth, taste and imagination, but also a composer of merit whose compositions embrace contemporary jazz, melded with indie rock and Jewish folk music. ★★★★”

– Tony Hall, Jazz Wise Magazine

“There’s a storybook quality to the music that guitarist Nadav Remez composes for his debut that’s both compelling and heartfelt.”

– Nick Bewsey, Philadelphia Icon

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“Remez is an Israeli guitarist with chops galore but instead of focusing on six string pyrotechnics, Remez articulates an incredible subtly and warmth in his compositions which are perhaps as impressive as his instrumental talent. These haunting melodies take Remez from musician to musical enigma with an intriguing mystery as to where that fine musical line between eastern influence and more traditional western improvisational form and function take over.”

“The under stated playing of Remez is harmonically contagious and lyrically driven with an amazing sense of purpose… “

“An effortless hybridization of east meets west that is subtle melody presented on a larger than life scale. Beautiful melodies, harmonic energy without a muddled dynamic tension and an emotive progression make So Far one of the finest releases for 2011.”

– Brent Black, Critical Jazz

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“Remez’s guitar, striking as it is, never cries for attention or pulls the limelight to it. Instead, the strings blend handsomely into the larger whole and he presents a piece of work that is stirring, brave and ultimately captivating.”

– Jordan Richardson, BlogCritics

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“The debut album from Nadav Remez, So Far (BJU Records) is surprising and rewarding. Subtle. Beautiful. And gets into your psyche after a couple of spins.”

– JazzWrap

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